2Pharma is a marketing and research company who operates in the area of Pharmamarketing. We specialise in content marketing. Our long-term experience in the area of scientific research, which is carried out in accordance with the concept of evidence-based medicine (EBM), allows us to monitor and develop comprehensive marketing campaigns that are unique thanks to the top-notch quality of their medical content. When developing a campaign, we use Fit4Future, our proprietary model for the classification of Internet users.

2Pharma has been founded in order to create business synergy on the basis of the proven experience of our shareholders. We operate in the B2B sector. Our partners comprise companies who are present in the pharmaceutical market. We help our customers run their businesses effectively. We organise training activities, provide consulting services in the areas of marketing and management, we plan and carry out online content research and we recommend successful strategies of operations.

robert bliźniewski

Robert Bliźniewski

Board Member, Commercial Director

Active in the pharmaceutical industry since 1994. Graduated as a Doctor of Medicine (MBA). Starting as a medical representative, Robert advanced through the management positions of Regional Manager and Product Manager, achieving the post of Unit Director with full responsibility for financial results.

bartosz malczewski

Bartosz Malczewski

Board Member, Marketing Director

Active in the pharmaceutical industry since 1996. Graduated as a Master of Pharmacy (MBA). As a Department Director he was responsible for restructuring and financial results, and has created marketing strategies for global pharmaceutical companies.

Our recommendations (source: LinkedIn):

„Bartosz is one of the best charismatic team leaders I have ever met. His long-term experience in innovative pharmaceutical companies allows him to successfully manage teams in different business areas. And, what is in my opinion extremely important, he is very good at creation of effective interpersonal relationships. It is real pleasure for me to recommend Bartosz.”

Radoslaw Przyrowski

Medical Affairs Director Poland at Gilead Sciences

„I had a pleasure to work with Robert in Berlin-Chemie/Menarini. During that time he proved to be very efficient in managing and motivating sales force team, setting long-term strategies for sales department as well as implementing tactical sales operation plans. He was an enthusiastic team player, full of new ideas and initiatives, always eager to meet new challenges. He was fully committed to the business, with high level of responsibility and reliability.”

Korab-Białobrzeska Beata

Medical Affairs Director Poland at Gilead Sciences

“Bartosz - expert in marketing, creative, open to learn new areas, sharing his knowledge and practice with colleagues, motivating, trustful, loyal, well communicating with others, high standard of ethics. a kind of boss people wish to have and a colleague people enjoy working with.”

Teresa Zawadzka

Compliance Manager at Alcon

“I worked with Robert for a few years, first as his subordinate and then as Product Manager while he was National Sales Manager. Both experiences were valuable and joyful. Robert is very dedicated to what he is doing and can energize others, but at the same time doesn't lose the work-life balance. He is a great salesman, but also has a good marketing acumen. His sense of humor makes even the most difficult job a pleasant one. I enjoyed cooperating with Robert, learned a lot from him and recommend Robert for highest managerial roles.”

Roman Wydra

General Manager at Perlan Technologies

“Robert is a high-class specialist, experienced in managing large sales and marketing teams. During our work, Robert presented a very strong commitment and professionalism. Experience gained while working in marketing, allowed Robert to understand and implement the strategy very successfully. A very strong side of Robert's is his motivation and ability to build and support the vision of a company. It’s giving significant impact on the motivation of the team and strongly supports realization of organizational objectives.”

Krzysztof Nojszewski

Head of Integrated Hospital & Critical Care at Novartis




2Pharma has been born out of reflections of its founders, who are experienced managers of traditional marketing campaigns.

2Pharma comprises a team of senior managers who have over 15 years of experience in managing both product managers and large teams of medical representatives of companies such as MSD, Novartis, Berlin-Chemie, Sandoz and other. They have experience in managing Rx and OTC drugs at any stage of a marketing campaign. Their practical knowledge confirms that APIC (Analysis, Planning, Implementation, Control) is much more than an easily written abbreviation – most of all, it is the real foundation of the way professional marketing and sales departments function. It is only reality that is able to verify the effectiveness of their business and to show how many mistakes can be made at each stage.

They were among pioneers who discovered that in the context of pharmaceutical marketing the Internet is becoming not only the basic medium of communication with patients, but also with doctors. In effect, they supported enthusiasts who combined traditional and online marketing and, above all, they devoted their own time to launch parallel online activity.

Since the Internet allows for a better and more accessible communication with patients, they were the first to develop the concept of the monitoring of online forums, which are the basic source of individual opinions of Internet users.

Our offer includes not only research and marketing services, but also consulting services. We believe that thanks to our experience in traditional pharmaceutical marketing and over two years of carrying out marketing projects as 2Pharma, we are able to provide marketing campaigns of our customers with valuable support. We can start cooperation at any stage of the APIC abbreviation. The primary goal of our consulting activities is to create synergy between online and offline presence.

Our previous and current partners include companies such as:

  • janssen zdrowie
  • ucb
  • bayer
  • polfa
  • gadeon
  • novartis
  • temapharm
  • mylan





We intend to provide our customers with precise action that is aided by innovative tools and to enjoy the highest reputation among businesses who operate in the pharmamarketing area.

2Pharma is the first choice for content marketing.








We help Internet users take right decisions on the subject of health by allowing them to find medical content of the highest quality.



and content evaluation in light of content quality and expressed opinions (Content Research)


based on high quality medical content (Content Management)


in order to build knowledge on Content Marketing


by promoting principles of evidence-based medicine


to ensure high quality cooperation during the content development process



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